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Thread: Barn split idea....

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    Barn split idea....

    Okay, we ALL have a barn....but in my mind, I play this game like I am designing a REAL town. There are a LOT of things that I would store in a "barn" but construction materials and ingots of gold, silver, and platinum (from the mine) would definitely NOT be in my barn.

    The barn should hold ALL the stuff I grow and later make in my factories....

    How about a Builders Warehouse that you could build partway through the game that you could transfer your building materials into!! That way, you also know what BUILDING materials you are lacking in a much more easy manner.

    I would ALSO create a VAULT for the things we mine and turn into the gold/silver ingots. Again, after a certain point in the game, you can purchase a VAULT to hold your bricks of precious metals instead of taking up space in "the barn" (again not a place *I* would put precious metals).

    These new items (Builders Warehouse & Vault) would not be available until you get to level 35 or higher. I get SOO frustrated when my barn is full and I really NEED all the stuff I grow and create in my factories but in order to make room, I need to get rid of SOMETHING....and since I don't know what new BUILDING materials I am going to get on my next trains, I end up selling stuff I end up needing the next time around.

    Anyone else like this idea??

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    Please see this thread

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    Also see the list here of building materials needed

    You can also find much more info on wiki for the town, zoo and factories.

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