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Thread: Updated Edit Mode functionality

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    Adding my voice to the choir!
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Just installed the update on Android. Please, please, give us back that button.
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    Yes please return the hide button could not see the new land expansions they were hidden behind some housing trying to use the edit tool was way to complicated
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pink View Post
    Adding my voice to the choir!
    Me too!
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    Please, Really need the HIDE BUTTON.
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Falcon View Post
    Please, Really need the HIDE BUTTON.
    Yes, please give it back
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    The HIDE button has been found..!!
    Click edit, choose either ground, roads, or pavement and the hide button appears. Yayyy!!
    I found it accidently while placing the new fountain. Soooo happy to see that option!

    Spread the news...😌
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    Quote Originally Posted by NikoelC View Post
    The HIDE button has been found..!!
    As I understood it, that's a work around for the moment
    You might want to read Kitty's "yes, but" in her post on page 1 here.
    The wish remains to get it back on the first/main edit page, as before.

    Some more posts with the or a workaround:
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    no, no, no, NikoelC, that hide feature does not help at all in identifying objects now in hidden mode in the manner it used to do.

    We need the fully functioning hide button.
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    Edit mode button missing!

    Please bring back button that allows you to see area without building and vegation,
    And can see open spaces. I can't be the only one missing it.

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