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Thread: Updated Edit Mode functionality

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    If you check out the second post in this thread, you can find screenshots of how it used to be, how it changed with that update, and that now it's back to what it was. This discussion was about the fact that the hide button was removed from the main edit view.
    Thank you, dread, for refreshing my memory. My memory must be flawed. I thought that within Edit mode, upon clicking that fifth button, we used to have the option to hide the buildings. When we tap on the fifth button from the right (the house inside the open "cardboard" box), inside that mode, I thought there was the "hide" option, but maybe it was never there -- maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    By using an external site instead of uploading it directly to the forum. You can find a discussion about it, with explanations and examples in this thread.
    Great, thank-you will check that it...very thoroughly! As I have obviously skipped

    Quote Originally Posted by missy. View Post
    Twilight Bookworm, yes, my iOS version has the same thing. But originally, and I believe what Bess was referring to, was that when we went into Edit mode-- i.e., the fifth button from the left-- that invisible "hide" mode used to be present when inside Edit mode. It was very handy. are talking about when going to the "Temporary Storage" section within the "Edit Mode". I went on a search, looked for some older posts as well as old videos done by players, and could not find that that option shown while in, "Temporary Storage".

    Hopefully, someone that has played for quite awhile may shed light as to whether that option was available many moons ago.
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