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Thread: Android Download...not letting me play

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    Android Download...not letting me play


    I recently downloaded the new version for the iOS. No problem. Today the game told me to download the latest version for my Android device (using a Galaxy S8+) and when I click download to be redirected to the Google Play Store, the latest update was as of July 2018. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Now after the tutorial and reconnecting with Facebook/Google Play, I'm no longer seeing my progress.

    **Does anyone know when the latest version for Android will come out?

    **Have I just lost all my progress or do I just need to update?



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    IOS updates are normally released on Monday and android follows a few days later. You can play your game on IOS only until the update comes out for the android, then you can play on different devices. Just keep checking for update.
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    That's good to know!

    I did revert back to an "earlier" version of the game on my Android device. It currently has me past the tutorial (with Facebook and Google Play connected). Once the newer version is released, will it bring me back up to my current progress once I re-connect with Facebook and Google Play?

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    David, do you have the same town on your iOS and Android device?

    On your Android, when you finished the tutorial and connected to fb, did you get the option to choose between your town or continue with the new one?
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    I'm having the same issue to but in my case I'm so scared to link it now to face book untill I get the update I'm worried I may lose everything. And yes I play the same town on both but I won't be soon I will be just playing on one

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    The issue is caused because when you open the game on your Android device, the system detects that you already have a newer version of the game saved on the server. It will then keep prompting you to update your Android device until you finally receive the update and can sync accordingly. So as has already been suggested, just keep playing on your ios device until you're able to update your Android device too.

    In future, it's better to wait until the Android update has been released before updating both devices.
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    Thank you so much I figured that was the case. Now it's just a waiting game for the update

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    They need to just release theses updates already half of my coop has them and half doesn't it a pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by LegoCandyLand View Post
    They need to just release theses updates already half of my coop has them and half doesn't it a pain
    alas, for and with all these different versions, it is not a "just".
    That's why the Devs have listed in their Won't happen-list that they won't launch updates for all platforms at the same time. So far, it's been not more than 1 or 2 days between IOS and Android, before the Android update started at least.
    And even if they delivered to all these shops (like Google Play) at the same time, if those do their own tests, Playrix can't help.

    so, better to stay with one device for that hopefully short time than to hope for something else.

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