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Thread: Regatta Golden Sail Trophy Placement

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    Regatta Golden Sail Trophy Placement

    I would like to suggest allowing the golden trophy won in the regatta to be placed in a special spot where it can easily be seen. The best spot for this (I think) is where the fountain is in the regatta area. Allow the fountain to be replaced with the trophy so it is more visible and easier to find when others visit your town. I’m constantly moving that trophy around as I redecorate my town, and wish I could place it where that fountain is. Seems like an appropriate place for it.

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    I like the idea. Yes, please

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    I too like this idea!

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    Good idea !

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    I built a special little pier for mine, just on the other side of the regatta building/button and in front of the yacht club so it stands just behind the (gold) league ship's wheel. This will have to do until they get the fountain out of the way. Great idea.

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    That has my vote 👍

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