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Thread: August 2018 update

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    This is currently the only picture available:

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    That is the best sneak peek Ive ever seen! What I understand from this picture is Ernie found love and is trying to impress the new lady

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    The iOS update is in the App Store

    3 town expansions and 1 zoo

    Town expansions are up the back corner and zoo expansion is over to back corner also.

    I forgot to say...Morning Scorekeeper and thank you for the thread.

    Thank you Playrix for the gift..that was a nice surprise
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    Morning Zena. I didn’t get a gift. However, like Salmo, my swans have escaped their pond and are swimming on nearby grass.

    Did you see they added a man and woman to our beach chairs? Cool.

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    Need more zooooooooo. Please.

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    Installed the iOS update. New profile pics for number of years playing - 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Plus a T-cash bonus for years (got 25 T-cash for 2 years!). Plus a BFF fountain decoration for free. A fairly generous set of gifts. I would post screen shots, but I don't have the tech savvy!
    Down side: game server processing more slowly for the moment, but that usually corrects itself.

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    Morning Nana...I don't understand why you didn't get the gift , I'm sure you should have

    I checked my swans and their still in place....very strange happenings are happening with this update

    I will check your town to see if the swans are in their pond.

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    Morning, Zena!!!! Thanks for the info!!

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    My swans are on the cement as well and a man is walking over the pond , I cannot move the pond ..... But only one of the ponds hmm

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    Nana I posted a pic to the group of your town and I'm seeing what you see.

    Your welcome as Scorekeeper..I'm not the greatest at update info I'm afraid LOL

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    Thanks Zena. I filed a report and also emailed Anna.

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