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Thread: Differences Between Platforms

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    Differences Between Platforms

    I need help. Is there a list, or page, that shows the differences between playing on the different platforms? I have a couple of players who have never said a single word in the chat, nor have they ever helped another player (according to their stats). Also, they are the ones who repeatedly take reserved tasks, despite the chatter/warnings about doing that. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it and any help on the differences would be most appreciated.

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    Only those on compatible platforms can be in the same coop. So there aren't any differences that would account for the behaviour you're seeing. As far as I'm aware, the only time you might notice a teammate wasn't on the same platform as you is when the updates roll out and iOS, Android and kindle don't all arrive in their respective app stores on the same day.

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    Thanks Bessville

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    No worries Llama

    Say, have you come across this document before, by Firenze? Very comprehensive and readable guide to Coop Leadership, so it might contain a few things you'd find helpful.

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    Llama Fuzz is there a possibility your players you are having trouble with don't understand English?
    I had a person in my co-op that we had some issues with. She left after a short time and joined a Spanish speaking co-op. I believe she had trouble reading English.
    Just a thought....

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    Katville same thing happened in our coop with several players . These players are still my friends and we fill each-others coops till this day but they had a problem understanding our posts in chat and the rules. I think playing does not require the same universal language yet when your in a coop if language is not the same it can appear players are ignoring rules when really they may not able to read the language being used.

    I wish the chat would auto translate for a players preferred language , this would help support international coops.

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    My first thought was also that there might be a language barrier. But it's worth remembering that if that is the case, then those members chose to risk that causing everyone a problem when they decided to join a coop where they didn't speak the preferred language (that info is shown up front, after all). Of course, it's possible they just don't like being told what to do, or aren't interested in engaging at all. The outcome is the same either way.

    My own personal view is you generally can't cooperate terribly well if you can't/won't communicate, so I'd send them on their way with the hope they'd find a better fit elsewhere.

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    I admire you but if they're not helping, taking reserved tasks, and ignoring messages then I think you're already at the bottom of it. Kick them, they're not doing your other teammates any favors.

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    Thank you everyone for the help! Yes, the language issue had come up in the past, but since 'foreign' players don't normally do our co-op's required one task per week, they don't last long. With these two particular players, however, they are rather strong and I'm looking for any/all problems that, we as a co-op, could over-look to keep them, but its getting hard.
    Bessville, thanks for the link, I'm new at the leader thing and welcome any help in that area.

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