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Thread: August 2018 update

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    August 2018 update

    New post on Facebook. Update and sneak peeks coming soon. So Apple probably tomorrow.

    But what is that shining item, left hand side?
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    Maybe a new CB or a new Factory .

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    so, could someone post the pic here, pls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    so, could someone post the pic here, pls?
    Something like
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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    But what is that shining item, left hand side?
    A dragonfly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuuddeWilde View Post
    Something like
    Thank you but I really meant the sneak peek pic several posters mentioned here (was reposted here last time, so I hoped...). I am not on FB, and the whole thing is both very confusing (I land in the middle of a series, it seems; which one IS the new pic?) and intrusive, massively trying to make me sign up. So much sometimes I can not read anything there (and of course don't like it this way ).

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    I've seen in FB group about a beta testing reveal. It is the following 3 updates:
    1. Save some time moving things around in town with improved Edit Mode
    2. 3 new expansions in town and 1 in the zoo
    3. a new help in regatta
    and the picture could be seen in the following link:
    Hope this helps.
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    This is currently the only picture available:

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    Quote Originally Posted by hchl View Post
    3. a new help in regatta
    This makes me curious
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    It looks like there will be access to decorations etc. from the edit mode which makes me very happy

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