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Thread: Silly mistakes that made you feel like a total plum

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    Silly mistakes that made you feel like a total plum

    Get it off your chests, folks, there's no shame here - what have you done in the game that made you facepalm?

    I have:
    *had several community building underway at a time and taken weeks to get the materials
    *bought the Mint and never used it once
    *excitedly blown through my last 30 clovers for a House of Luck task I hadn't actually taken
    *filled 8/9 high value plane crates and then let it time out just because I forgot it existed
    *miscounted a few crop tasks I then inevitably failed (including a silk - ugh)
    *sent ships to the wrong island at least twice
    *used up my factory goods moments before taking the factory task, forgetting the shelves were now empty
    ETA: *accidentally bought cow feed in between attempts to get Raja to offer me 15 picks

    I'm certain there's more, but that's quite enough to feel like a plum. Anybody else care to share?
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    Well, I’m old and my memory is bad, but it was bad before I got old - LOL! There are just too many facepalms to remember or list, but I will say this - Wonder Woman aka Graylady often flies in to save me from my worst mistakes posting here on the Forum. In my game it’s a different story and I just pay TCash to cover my tracks. Ha Ha.

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    I'll add to the list:

    *using free load coupons for milk or other easy stuff by mistake. Really, 99% of the time i used those coupons without meaning to. While they are a good idea in theory, now i see them just as potential source of annoyance.

    I did 5/7 things on your list Bess, but i'm not admitting which ones.
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    Plenty probably... LoL

    @Bess I 've probably made plenty of mistakes on the game ... it'll get better soon I hope. thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post

    I did 5/7 things on your list Bess, but i'm not admitting which ones.
    Coward! Lol, I'll winkle it out of you in the end, I'm not being the only one with egg on my face

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    I have done the first three things on your list, but I have also:
    * dumped an ongoing task by mistake (more than once )
    * selected a task I had no way to complete and then had to dump it to select another one within my capabilities (*major facepalm*)
    * let one of my cats get too close to my tablet, which resulted in several wrong moves in the game, such as wasting coins on market goods I had no use for or harvesting produce I had no business harvesting because... barn space

    EDIT: And of course I have also used free load coupons when I didn't mean to
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    I should have mentioned, the Biggest Plum Award for the most epic fail will be awarded at some future point decided by me, and that prize will be... notoriety, sympathy, kudos and respect for admitting to what you did so we could all have a chuckle at your expense. Also, the right to refer to yourself as the Biggest Plum whenever you like. Don't say I never give you anything..

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    Well, I am definitely perfect, so I have never made any of these silly mistakes you inferior beings have made...

    ...ok, now for real....

    - I did buy the Mint and have never used it. Even if I had known how useless it was, I probably still would have bought it anyway since I am a "completist" in that sense, but I may have delayed a little.

    - I definitely have "cat paranoia" whenever my cat gets too close to my tablet LOL. She gets super jealous if I am playing Township and thus both my hands are not petting her She will teach me a lesson by trying to climb on me to get between me and the tablet and her tail has definitely swiped a few things on the screen. Nothing catastrophic yet (knock on wood).

    - I'd say the "dumbest" thing that I do more often than I'd like is plant the wrong crop. I keep all my fields separated and grouped by crop (ex: 6 strawberries, 4 cotton etc). When I get a train car or plane that requires a larger amount of a certain crop (say 22 sugar), I clear the fields with the short crops (wheat, corn, carrots, sugar, cotton) and plant sugar on all of them. Under normal circumstances, whenever I harvest a crop, I replant the same crop in it's spot. So what ends up happening is, when I harvest all that sugar, instead of replanting the correct crop in my separate field groups (wheat, corn, carrots, cotton), I go on autopilot and replant sugarcane. And then I'm stuck waiting another 20 minutes before I can grow the corn, wheat, carrots I need.

    -Filling production boxes in factories too hastily. For example: I have a train coming in 5 minutes and I just loaded up bakery production box to make pizzas. The train comes and it needs 4 bread in 3 of its crates. I only have 2 bread in my barn. If I had just waited a few minutes for my train to come in before loading the factory, I could have quickly made the bread for my trains and THEN made the pizza. Now, I'm stuck waiting or wasting a precious use of the dealer to buy a silly thing like bread.

    - Another thing, I hate when I'm trying to scroll through the market, and I end up accidentally buying something while trying to swipe to get to the next set of boxes.
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    Well, it’s good to know i’m not alone because i’ve done almost all of these things....then there was the time, when stocking up for an upcoming plane, i was scrolling throught Raja’s menu too quickly and not paying attention and bought puffed rice balls instead of stuffed potatoes (cuz they sort of look the same??). I didn’t notice my mistake until i tried to look load the plane and couldn’t figure out where all the potatoes went...or why i had so many puffed rice lol

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    Oh my, I have done all these things ...
    the bread example makes me the maddest

    and those darn coupons ghrrr and double ghrrr

    I have never used one on purpose my fat finger always hits the darn thing on accident and its always something I have ....

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