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Thread: Silly mistakes that made you feel like a total plum

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    Quote Originally Posted by westleigh View Post
    I found this thread at just the right time.

    I just accidentally spent $500Tcash upgrading my fruit ship for the sake of 1% plum probability. I am crushed! I was just checking how many more ingots I would need and somehow purchased the upgrade..

    I don’t spend real money in the game, so every dollar of that tcash was painstakingly earned through patience and time.

    A moment of silence, please. ;-(
    Oooh! Speechless with horror.
    Towns: Tilga/Canowindra
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchie View Post
    Well now I have never ever ever in my life made any of these mistakes, not even once. Probably twice though, but one thing is for sure, I will not let the old man sneak up behind me when I'm playing......... I was at the store (Raj's mini mart ) & he reached over my shoulder, took his finger and swipped it over the top row , yikes!!!!!! I screamed at him you bought everything & sent it all to the barn. My son burst out laughing, he found this totally hilarious, my husband just looked dumbfounded. The look on my face must have scared him to death cause he has never come near my kindle again
    Giggles hysterically
    Towns: Tilga/Canowindra
    Coop: #CD42Q6
    Platform: iOS/Android

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    Managed to totally ignore my coins balance and am now spending the evening planting almost every field in wheat.

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    I did send 2 ships to a wrong island once -- so spent tcash to get them back and resend correctly so I did not let my sister down (only other co-op member). I have taken a less than 135 task by mistake instead of duping -- even recently when it is supposed to be more difficult to do. And yes, have used a coupon to fill a crate when I did not intend to. My sister has released product for a task before taking, dumped a task she was doing, planted too few crops and done house of luck before taking the task.

    Started our own co-op over a year ago and only fell out of gold once -- so plenty of other players are making mistakes also.

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