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Thread: Silly mistakes that made you feel like a total plum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinjaninja View Post
    Cleared fields for a rubber task and planted them all with silk!
    I had to laugh. I know his was painful for you, but I think the relief of not having done this - YET - just made it burst out of me.

    I did, however, harvest my cacao before taking the task. Groan!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebliever View Post
    Here's one I did last week:

    1. Paid my 10 tcash for a 16th task in my co-ops's first Golden League competition.
    2. Picked a Relay task to produce X of some item (I forget what exactly). Produced all but one before bed.
    3. Woke up and saw I had the last item needed sitting on the shelf - but didn't actually click on it to complete the task.
    4. Thinking I was done, I went to the Regatta page and saw 3 hours left on the timer for the task I had been doing - not enough time, I thought, for another person to do it before time ran out. So I went ahead and helpfully dumped it to clear the space for a new task, ignoring the warning message.

    So I wasted 10 tcash, blew 145 points my team should have had, and trashed a perfectly good relay task others could have done for 145 more points each. Ouch.
    Big OUCH!

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    I've done most of these. Some of them sting. Some of them you will NEVER forget the pain...

    A long time ago I had about $400 tcash saved up and I was so excited to spend it on some holiday decor. Then while riding in the backseat of car I was checking on how much I needed to upgrade a shop in the OLD zoo... BUMP.... Nooooooooo. Accidentally spent $350 tcash on a BASKET. ONE BASKET in the old zoo. That was one big bump in the road. For real.

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