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Thread: 3 reshuffles = lost level [Level 2880]

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    3 reshuffles = lost level [Level 2880]

    Hi there, this is about level 2880 and something really strange.
    I still have the magic hats campaign running and started the level with a rainbow booster. But, apparently there were no possible moves at the beginning, so before I could even interfere, the fields were shuffled. But there weren't any moves possible even after that. So another shuffle. Same result.

    End of game. Booster gone. I didn't even touch anything. LOL

    Has any of this ever happened to anybody else?

    I'm a little amused although a booster was taken away without me doing anything wrong.
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    Yes, i've encountered it before. It seems like it's a rule that if the board reshuffles 3 times in a row, the level is considered lost. I don't think it's fair, nor do i like it. Especially in the beginning of a level where you didn't make any moves yet
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    It has happened a couple of times at level 2880 in the meantime. Well, one of the several reasons why I play less and less. Maybe this is the surprise for the 2 year anniversary :-D

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