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Thread: Liked The Shorter Event Time

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    Liked The Shorter Event Time

    Happy that the Aerial Event is over.

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    I love to fly, but it did feel like enough to me too

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    The time for this was perfect. No need for ANY event to span 10 days.
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    I would like more gapes between two events.

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    I loved the Snow Boarding Challenge event hope it comes back .

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    I enjoyed the shorter event time. Flying is my favorite repeat event.
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    I really love this event because it gives an equal chance to finish in the top 3. No need to spend real money.
    Just a one good run is needed....
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    Two people voted No, but didn't explain why? I mean, do they prefer the event to be longer, or do they just not enjoy flying regardless of the event duration? We may never know, lol

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    I just voted no. If the event runs for 7 days, I only have one weekend for the event. With 10 days I get two weekends. As I work full-time, I can‘t do much during the week.
    And as some players figured out the hard way, if the event ends before the regatta, you can get into trouble.

    I really hope the Color Splash will be 10 days. Not because I enjoy it, but rather because I am rubbish at Match-3-games and will need all the time I can get to finish.
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    I guess I can suffer a few extra days if it means you guys have a better time of it, lol

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