I have an Idea for Community Buildings. I hope Township appreciates and accept my Ideas:
1. Electronics Store. It cost 195.000 coins, needs 112 Glasses, 108 Bricks, and 116 Slabs. It will gives you 1035 maximum populations. It unlocks 5th American Foursquare (+55 population), 6th Housing Co-op (+100 population), 5th High-Rise with Tile (+190 population), 4th Modern High-Rise (+270 population), and 3rd House With Towers (+420 population). Unlocked after Town reaching level 84

2. Dormitory. It cost 210.000 coins, needs 120 Glasses, 120 Bricks, and 120 Slabs. It will gives you 1090 maximum populations. It unlocks 4th Farmhouse (+30 population), 5th Double-Decker (+50 population), 5th Hair and Parlor House (+60 population), 5th Townhouse (+70 population), 5th Garden Apartments (+80 population), 4th Bright House (+150 population), 5th Block House (+230 population), and 4th House With Towers (+420 population). Unlock after Town reaching Level 87.