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Thread: Gift Balloons?

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    Gift Balloons?

    Hi there,

    I can't find an answer to my following question - so please apologize in case it had been posted before:

    What happens if you send more than 1 balloon to a friend (in total, over several days) but the friend will open the game only a couple of days later? I've never seen more than 1 balloon per friend floating around in my town parallel/at the same time so I was just wondering (For me it would be difficult to find out as I'm a daily player, but I didn't see any "doubled-balloons" in my 2nd town either which I do not open every day )

    Does anybody know?

    Thanks, Lea
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    I don't think you will see two at once, but I think they may come sequentially. You open one balloon, then a few minutes you see another one.

    I hope others will give their experience as well.
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    Be kind.

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    Hi Lea, hi Cobalt

    I always thought you just can send one gift at a time ... as long as the other person doesn't pop it, he simply doesn't get another one from you.
    Only my guess of course, would be nice to actually know what happens to the other gifts.
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