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Thread: Likes for my Mum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnalex Zarco View Post
    Just liked her town. She has 2 likes from me (I have 2 Android/iOS/Kindle towns). Does anyone know if Windows towns can like towns from the other platforms or is that impossible to do?
    You can't see towns from an incompatible platform - so no, you can't visit this town from windows.
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    Two more likes from Tilga and Canowindra (#CD42Q6). It’s a very nice town.
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    1 like from me . She has made a beautiful town .

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    Another from me - she's at 246 now

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    Awesome town, I love how the factorys are arranged with flowers and water. Two more likes from my two towns

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    One from me=252
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    One like from me...your mum has a wonderful town
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    I really liked her town, I gave a like too

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    Add my like. Now it is 256!

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    And one from me. I particularly like the way she's set up her factory area. Very pretty.
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