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Thread: Likes for my Mum

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    Likes for my Mum

    Hi. I Have big request. My mum want last profile`s picture. She need next 31 likes. Now she has 219. Can you help me with this. Her name is Janaland. Our coop is AfterLife (#FFVCN5) If you write comment below so we like you too. Thanks guys.

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    Now she has 2 more likes!
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    Just added my like, her town is great and deserves it! She’s up to 224
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    Thanks a lot guys. 26 miss.

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    Happy to add my like! Love her factory area with the water!
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    I only give likes to towns that I actually do like - I’m pretty stingy with my likes! LOL. I gave your mum’s town a like - her town feels very spacious for such a high level player, and the Easter island is cute.
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    Gave 1 like too. Factories and small houses by water is interesting.
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    Just liked her town. She has 2 likes from me (I have 2 Android/iOS/Kindle towns). Does anyone know if Windows towns can like towns from the other platforms or is that impossible to do?
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    Mum has a beautiful town..big like here.
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    Love her town , another like from me
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