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Thread: Treasure hunting dog

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    Treasure hunting dog

    Can you have our dog randomly dig stuff in the up and give it to Austin when new areas get released? My own real dog does this to me. My dog's most recent find was a rusty can filled with quarters. He took me to the spot he found the can. In that spot I found a few quarters that had fallen out of the can he gave me and 3 more coin filled cans. Our in game dog could do the same. Our dog could dig up coins, boosters, decorations etc. Austin could do a search like I did. Maybe he would find more of the same kind of item or something different. This should be free when it happens. Some of the comments I have said myself when my dog has done this to me are, "I wonder if there is any more",
    "my dog is a living metal detector", "I was wondering where I lost this","were you a pirate in previous life?" ,"what did you find this time". " couldn't you have found this before I gave you a bath? I should buy stock in dog shampoo".

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    Wow, what a wonderful dog you have! I must say, I love the idea and the comments you mentioned, I think it would be a great addition to the game. I'll forward it to the developers and hope they'll use it for the next updates! Thank you!

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