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Thread: 24.08 Interview with Rachel

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    24.08 Interview with Rachel

    Hi, Rachel! We’re glad you managed to find time for our interview! We can’t wait to get to know you better.
    Thank you! I’m so happy that players like my event and want to know more about me! I can’t wait to answer their questions, and I’m just as curious to learn about them too!

    Then let’s get started! Our first question is, of course, about how it all started! When did you realize that racing was your passion?
    Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been very energetic. I especially loved playing tag with my two brothers. My mom was always afraid we would get carried away and chase each other right up on shore. Well, that would’ve been going too far...but I have to agree — we were unstoppable. So it was never actually a question of choice. I always knew that I was born to race!

    Did you plan to be an athlete? Did you receive special training?
    Yes, of course, there’s a great seahorse racing school in the neighborhood where I grew up. I was the best student in the Swift Fins Department! I learned a lot there, but I can’t get into the details. The training program is pretty hush-hush!

    Maybe you can share some tips from your personal experience?
    Practice is the key! I train in the morning, between hurdle races, while traveling, after traveling...all the time! You need to hone your skills so you can focus all your energy on winning. It’s a lot like beating levels — the more you play, the easier it gets to beat new ones.

    And what about marathons — do you have a special routine to train for them?
    It all starts with the right breakfast. In my case, it’s scrambled seaweed and a glass of lemon water. Then I warm-up by beating a couple of easy levels. It’s like a morning jog. After that, I raise the bar and take on harder levels. It’s essential here to think ahead and choose the right booster at the start. Other than that, a positive attitude is a must!

    We’d really love to hear more about boosters! What’s your go-to one?
    My favorite one is Lightning. It’s fast, it’s showy, and it helps you get rid of so many obstacles at once! Imagine if I could remove hurdles the same way instead of having to jump over them? That’d be cool!

    No doubt about that It must be difficult for you to find time for your hobbies and friends. How do you cope with that?
    I won’t lie, it’s not easy to achieve a work-life balance. But my friends and my significant other are very supportive and understanding. They inspire me to set new records!

    You know, one time I got so caught up in training for a tournament that I totally forgot about Mrs. Scaleston’s birthday party! So there I was, in the middle of a race, just about to jump over a hurdle… When I suddenly got a whiff of her terrific nori-cream cake. Oh boy, is it delicious! I finished first that day so I could still make it to the party early and sneak a piece of that cake! Food is my second passion, you know. (giggles)

    That sounds delicious! Do you have any other passions you can tell us about?
    When I finally get some me-time, I like reading books. Sci-fi is by far the best genre invented by fishkind! I love dreaming about other worlds and planets — it helps me relax. I could read books all day long. It’s just like a long distance run, but you don’t feel tired at the end of the day!

    There are so many bookworms in Fishdom! Have any of you formed a book club yet?
    We have, actually, and we have so many other clubs! Every week Leo and I go to meetings of the Jack-of-All-Trades Club. We’ve already learned so much we might be able to build our own bathyscaphe soon! It would be a lot of fun to go on a long trip in one, that’s for sure, but only if it doesn’t interfere with my show jumping!

    You participate in a lot of sports, but do you watch any? Do you attend any other events like Diving with Hermann?
    Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for that, but when I do, I love watching events that my friends are participating in. I have to admit though, it’s hard for me to stay on the sidelines. I’m used to being involved when it comes to sports

    I once got so into a Fishball match (Editor’s note: A national Fishdom sport where two teams play against each other on a beach and use a beach all to try to knock down the opposing team’s the tower of pebbles) that I ran out onto the field and kicked the ball. Very soon I realized that my sharp tail and the beachball are not exactly a great match... Luckily, they had a spare one, but it was still pretty embarrassing

    You have so many funny stories! Our players would love to know what keeps you so positive — you always have a warm smile for everyone. It’s Fishdom, isn’t it?
    Fishdom brings so much joy into my life: soft sand, warm sun, and all my friends! The atmosphere here is perfect for us sport and fitness lovers! But the best thing is when players level up in the game, and I get a chance to reward them with powerful boosters! I just love giving presents!

    Speaking of successes, could you please tell our readers how you always manage to win? What’s your secret?
    The secret is very simple — I don’t always win I just don’t give up. I change my tactics from time to time and train even harder. Also, it’s very important to never lose sight of your goals and to keep positive!

    Thanks for sharing a bit about your life with us today. It was very nice speaking to you. Anything you want to ask our readers?
    Thank you for the chance to ask! I would love to know what they like about my Seahorse Show the most

    Let’s hope we get some answers in the comments!

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    Just in case I didn't delete my message. I love the Seahorse and X2 evients. Love to be able to get more voucher's even for the silver one you don't get many of them if your lucky. Love to be able to get diamonds and all booster's a little cheaper. Because it can get very costly even for the one time event to buy still needs to be cheaper. You will get more people to be able to play and have fun. I myself would like that. Or run a cheaper one time deal occasionally. Love the fish bank don't take that away please. The aquariums have to get so full to go to the next star And levels. Asking for to much points to get to the next star. It gets a little crazy and out off hand. And if you do any of these things don't make the games harder they are hard enough all ready. I myself is spending to much Money and Time on this game. I would hate to move on to a real free and cheaper game and I don't want to but I might have to. Thank you for your time and allowing to express my thoughts. Thank you again and happy Fishdom

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    Hi Rachel, I’m So happy that Fishdom finally put a seahorse into their tank. I hope that they will soon make it where we are able to buy seahorses like we are able to buy the other fish. Please pass this along to the Fishdom kingdom. Bye Rachel💙💙💙💙💙

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    Hey I love the game and all the boosters and my favorite is the bombs. And I love all the new fish you are introducing. And I'm glad to hear you have seahorses and I would love to see us be able to buy them. And I would like to suggest turtles too as an idea. And I also love the 2x events too.

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    I love your Seahorse Show the best!

    I think your the best visitor in Fishdom! I look forward to your visits much more than Sir Goldflipper, Herman, Captain Swift, and Leo. Although I do enjoy Leo’s visits and Appreciate Captain Swift’s Booty, Herman can be irritating difficult. Plus Sir Goldflipper is flat out annoying. You on the other hand Rachel are fun floating fantastic! You do nothing but give great boosters during normal gameplay. Your a pleasure to see and watch, always happy and giving. And your pretty to boot! Who could ask for more?
    The only thing I wish concerning Fishdom is this... it would be great and even more fun to be able to get our own variety of sea animals for our tanks. Don’t get me wrong I love all the fish but there are soooo many more types under the sea than just simply fish. Starfish, eels, jellyfish, and of course seahorses! That would just about make everything perfect! Could you pass that along to your Fishdom friends? Thx Rachel, I look forward to your next visit soon! Take care and good luck on your next race.😉💕

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    Speaking of sports the tennis US Open near Flatbush Queens NY Chinatown has free admission this week for qualify for the real games next week. The audience had people with umbrellas out to deal with the sun. Tennis star assistants were there with umbrellas and Gatorade in coolers. It reminds of the Geisha Fish. Also, there can be USO golf and tennis as well as other sport tanks like basketball baseball and football. Chinatown, Little Italy, even a little Germany or Octoberfest theme tanks would be nice!

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    Please also fix send AL feature of Facebook lives and the press to skip button for the beginning of the end of game tally to save time ,power,and data, and eco-friendly. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diane Samson View Post
    Please also fix send AL feature of Facebook lives and the press to skip button for the beginning of the end of game tally to save time ,power,and data, and eco-friendly. Thank you!
    Can't say I understand that "sentence". button for the beginning of the end of game - Rachel should fix what..? (and if not her, why is it in her interview?)

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    The game is very fun and addictive and I really love it

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    I'm glad seahorse was added as they are a part of the deep blue sea hope to see more of ya

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