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Thread: More new fish

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    More new fish

    I know this has been suggested before but it is getting ridiculous having to use same top valued fish over & over again to reach needed beauty points. For instance, in Fair aquarium, all top valued fish have been used (which all same had to be used in previous aquarium) along with all items associated with Fair aquarium and still have not reached the needed beauty points to complete all 3 stars. On top of that it looks too junky. We need a lot more new fish so we dont have to keep using same ones over again. Also maybe allow more than 9 fish, although that doesnt necessarily help make aquarium look relaxing. Sorry for bringing this up again but with others making similar comments, it doesnt seem like the developers are listening.

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    I agree. I don't think the developers pay any attention to our comments. I think all they are concerned about is what they can do to make players spend more money. I actually think they use our comments to take away useful tools like the hammer, the swap tool, and our bombs and diamonds. I've asked about being able to have more fish too. I've also complained about my aquariums being too crowded. I don' think they really care. Valerilla says that our ideas sound great and she will pass them on to the developers, but I personally think she is only there to placate us. If her recommendations are actually read by the developers, they aren't going to incorporate them into the game.

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    Completely agree! The way the beauty points system is designed now is a complete mess...

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    I agree. Some of my tanks are so crowded and messy because they need to be filled so much to get the points and I am only on tank 9.

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    Hi guys! Thanks for your comments The easiest way to get all the stars in an aquarium is to fill it with themed decorations - you'll get 2 stars really quickly. As for the third one, several fish or additional decos is usually enough

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    I always use EVERY themed decoration offered along with many others that fit in with the aquarium's decour. I also put in the maximum allowed number of fish, many very expensive, and I am still short of beauty points. My tanks are so crowded with decorations that there is hardly any room for my fish to swim around! Your comments make it seem very easy, Valeriia, a fish here, a decoration there. Only problem is that your suggestions don't work. Does anyone at Fishdom actually play the game to see what we are all complaining about?

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    Hi Valeriia,

    before Lost World, buying 9 of the most expensive available fish gave you two stars. In Lost World and beyond not even that is enough.

    Trust me, I have quite a scientific approach - I made an Excel sheet to analyze this. Generally, buying all the themed decorations give you about 10%-20% more points than the requirement for the 3rd star. But that's up to 20 decorations, which means a lot of clutter. In Fairytale Ball, I was able to get 3 stars with all fish and 11 most expensive decorations but it still looks terribly cluttered.

    All we're asking for is to introduce more expensive decorations as the beauty points requirements are skyrocketing :-)

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    I’d like to see us be able to move fish & decorations from the tanks that we no longer use & haven’t used in a very long time it’s a waste really so why not let us move things to the newer tanks

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    The problem with moving fish & decorations out of one tank into a different one is: when you remove anything from an aquarium that aquarium now doesn’t have the needed 3 stars which in turn reduces the coin etc you earn on completed levels and if you don’t have all the stars from the other aquariums new ones won’t open. Bottom line you MUST keep the stars consistent and at 3 in each tank in order to move through the new tanks.

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    Valeria - I know this is old post but hopefully you will see it. Your comment isn't exactly correct. As an example, in Lunar aquarium, using the 9 most expensive fish and all items specific to aquarium, I am still short over 40,000 points. This has basically been like this for at least the last 6 aquariums. The aquarium is so cluttered now without having to figure out how to come up with 40,000 more. And it is unfortunate that we have to use same top fish again and again. The decorations are beautiful but having the aquariums so cluttered takes away from the beauty. I love this game and play it as much as possible but it seems to me someone needs to reconsider the points needed and how everything is laid out. The aquariums don't look relaxing and you can't even use the plants because they aren't worth much and would just add to the clutter. In the beginning, this wasn't a problem

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