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    Exclamation How To Contact Homescapes Support


    If you encounter any issues with the game (such as rooms not loading, coins/boosters you've earned or purchased disappeared, etc.), you are welcome to write a post in this sub-forum, but for any game-related problem, your best bet is to contact Homescapes support directly from within your game.

    In order to do so, these are the steps you must follow:

    Tap the green cog (Settings) in the upper right corner of the screen:

    Tap the Help And Support button:

    You will see a list of categories, choose the one that best fits your problem (example: Loss of in-game Items):

    When you open the chosen category, you will first see some suggestions for troubleshooting. If you already tried that, and it didn't solve your problem, tap on NO when asked if it was helpful:
    [Alternatively, if the conversation icon appears in the upper right corner (see orange arrow), tap on that]

    After answering NO when asked if the suggestions were helpful, the Contact Us button will appear:

    Choose again the appropriate category that best fits your problem:

    Now you will be able to write your message. Always include as many details as you can about the problem, what you were doing before the problem occurred (you updated the game, made a purchase, etc.) and what have you tried so far (restarted game, restarted device, re-connected to fb, etc.). Give an email address if you want to, although that's not a requirement, and attach screenshots if you have them - highly recommended! (the paperclip icon for android, a camera icon for iOS) And finally, you can Send the message:

    First, you will receive an automated initial reply, to let you know that they received your message. It will usually include some suggestions for troubleshooting (as the ones you can find in the help sections), but if you already tried those, you can immediately reply again, saying that the suggestions did not help, and you are still in need of assistance.

    If you didn't provide an email address, make sure you check your game regularly for a reply. The Settings and the Help & Support button will have a small notification sign when you receive a response.

    Important: Be patient. Some problems can be solved within a few days while others may take a week or longer.


    What if my game won't load or it loads and then freezes up and i can't access the games' Settings? How do I contact Homescapes Support?

    In the cases where you can't get into your game at all, it doesn't load or it crashes, you can use the online form to send a message. You can find it HERE.
    When using this form, make sure to let them know that you cannot send a report from within your game, as that is the first thing they will ask.


    I've done everything. I've contacted support in-game, by email, and posted on the forums, but I just can't seem to get the help I need.

    Feel free to send a private message to dreadnought (moderator for Homescapes) or Tanya Smirnova (admin).
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