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Thread: Fishy bank diamond problems

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    Fishy bank diamond problems

    I have paid for the release of my 50 diamonds on fishybank and not received them I have contacted support numerous times to explain this and sent screen shots of my payment and the fact it’s still saying to pay the fee for them .. and had no reply or response back .. my daughter messaged support via the internet on my behalf I then got an email immediately telling me what to do in which I had already done which is go to the site click support and send as much info as possible so I did this yet again and still no response I have shut my phone down and restarted the game but still no change . Please can someone advise on this please as I’ve done all I can but not getting no joy ?

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    I'm having same problem.

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    When sending a report from within your game, you must reply to the initial automated response you get, saying that the suggestions did not help, and you still need their assistance. If you don't, your ticket will be closed, as they will assume that the problem was resolved.
    Keep replying until you reach someone from support, and they will help you!
    Good luck!
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