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Thread: Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

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    hello, thank you for this highly entertaining game. how can i establish my own coop and be the leader of that league? and i wish we could expand the land in less effort and needed tools to make the game more exciting and fun to organize and decorate. thank you. (tamtouma town)

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    How can we earn more cash? I watch the videos and get one cash and the rest coins. I don't need more coins I need the cash.

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    Can anyone from administratif change the setting that we can only add 50 friends that actually play this game that are not from our Facebook friends list ? It would help a lot to be able to have more active friends to share goods with or have help.

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    Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

    Hello. First, thanks for this game. I'm playing since more than 2 years and i'm really enjoying it. For my question, it's simple. Do you plan to make a night vision of the town based on real time and more details on the 4 season ? Just in case, sorry if i made mistake with my english 😉. Thanks again to all the team for all the things you're doing.😀

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    I would like to be able to rotate buildings & house so that they can face in all directions, not just two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akila View Post
    Would it be possible to add walking paths in the town like the ones in the zoo? It would be nice to have paths for citizens to walk on that cars can't drive on in town too.
    Use pavements,

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    Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

    Hello, Alexey. I hope you and your colleagues are always happy in the shelter of God. I had a problem in the game. The game I'm following in Iran. Of course I have a lot of time on the proxy I use VPN to stay. But I love this game and I follow. But I can not have in-app purchase money or coins. And always with the error I encounter this program you disabled your country.

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    I have a question why can't we have a shop where we can sell our goods to other players?

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    Why words are replaced sometimes by stars (in french) knowing that these words are not bad ?

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    Why can't there be mangers and angels for Christmas Decorations and Crosses at Easter for Decorations?

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