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Thread: Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

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    Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
    New to Township - tried checking forums don't see the question so here it is - if you buy a seasonal decoration is it stored for the next season or does it just disappear never to be seen again? Not trying to be negative just want to understand the game play thanks
    You can store them. Just click and hold so you get the vertical arrow like when you want to move something. Then along the bottom you will see the different things you can do and one is a box withe an arrow facing down, just click on that and it will go into storage. When you want to take it back out go to decorations and along the top you will see the box, just click and everything you stored you can bring back out to redecorate. You can also store any decorations you buy and don't want to use at a particular time that you have bought.
    Naturally you cannot store community buildings, factories or houses.
    Have fun redecorating!

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    Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

    I just wanted to ask why Township gets worse and worse after every forthcoming update?
    I have started experiencing huge troubles with playing the game since this year's Halloween update.
    It started to crash the Regatta race page. In order to complete the task, I need to try at least 5-6 times.
    Every time after opening race-page the game simple closes to desktop. Without any errors or something. Just crashes to desktop.
    Even more: after Christmas update my game started to crash with EVERY SIGLE in-game move. No matter what move that is: tap on the field, tap on the factory, tap on the community-chat. tap on friend's plane/train. It crashes all the time. That's very annoying.
    So, my question is what happening? Are you trying to force me to stop playing? Well, I will, if nothing changes in the next update.
    You will play your game yourself to spend your own nerves with every single move crash.
    I've adressed to in-game support team (and even e-mail support team) but they neither pay attention to my troubles nor understand russian. So, I've registered here to try to get it touch with somebody to solve that annoying crashes. Hope English language you understand and after next update I will play the game as it meant to play. If not - you will lose your game fan.

    P.S.: What info and details should I provide to get my problem solved? Where to send it?

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    I love the game. It's clear you have put a lot of thought and detail into it. Thanks!
    When a small community starts, there is generally a church. Which is used as a community building as well. For meetings, picnics, etc.
    Given the thread of the start of the game, I'm surprised a church is not incorporated from the beginning. So I'm wondering why not?

    I see there is a Organ Hall at level 55. But it looks like a church.

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    I am half way making the snowman.....7 levels total and I am already to quit, too hard without real money. The group I am in helps a little, but it is not enough. If I had known up front what was required, I would not have started it. Is there a way out? Was there a way to see all the levels prior to engaging the quest? Otherwise, I love this game! Thank you very much. Blessings, Vanessa
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    My question is why can't factory items in the queue can't be manufactured simultaneously ? In the zoo all items created in the buildings are made at the same time. Is there a way that you can do that in the town factories too?

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    Respected developers, I wish you could let township have something like a "nighttime" I think it would make township more realistic and wonderful, I appreciate your help. Thank you.


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    Why, Is It so hard to get the tools needed for land? Why, not add a Factory, so we can make the tools for land or something? I have to cramp buildings, close together. Also; Why, can't we add a cart to the trains for more supplies to our Town? Why, can't we find out what the next Items for the Train are before It comes back to Town? So, We can be prepared, like the Airport does. How, Do I Increase the next level for the 1 Star to number 2 & so on? Thanks . Merry Christmas & safe travels, If going out .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corn View Post
    Respected developers, I wish you could let township have something like a "nighttime" I think it would make township more realistic and wonderful, I appreciate your help. Thank you.

    They said they couldn't do that in their "list of things they can't do."
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    Posts from Developers Thread needing replies

    Was wondering if it's possible to develop a trading post... a place to barter your goods... for example... trade purple gems for orange gems ... or.... trade 10 bagels for 1 key lime pie.... ????? Pretty please!

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    Hi. I got a new phone and I went to download Township. I must have goofed, because my version that I play on my iPad is not coming up on my phone. I tried reinstalling and to no avail. How do I reverse this?

    Thanks much!

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