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Thread: Ask for Advice!

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    Fast approaching to get enough monies for music factory. But where should I put it? The reserved spot in music area (4 sun chairs) is not good anymore, it will look horrible there. The spot next to grill factory is reserved for bouquet factory. Seeing music factory's products quite often in neighbours requests and Zoo hot products I can't really hide it as mint or jewellery factory.
    Advice would be very much appreciated
    Personally, I'd use the space by the grill factory for the music factory, and then try to get the bouquet factory either over by the bees, or behind the greenhouse. It makes perfect sense to me in either context, and you have a little space to play with. Lovely town, btw, I enjoyed looking around!
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    Thank you for the advice never had a thought about the spot next to the bees as a spot for a factory.
    Yes, there isn't much space to play with, never liked the idea arrange and rearrange the town, therefore strongly agree with everyone who advocate for the game's new feature - amusement park portal like Zoo.
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