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Thread: Red gems

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    Red gems

    Hi guys, loving Township. One thing I find frustrating is the gems. I've amassed a great number of red gems, but they are not required as often as the others.
    I need the yellow gems for double crops and also for buying/breeding at the zoo so it can be a slow process. Could we not use more of the red gems for the animals in the zoo please?

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    Hi Surjane

    I am always short of red gems. I have many zoo animals I can't have because I do not have enough of them. If you have a lot, you will be glad at some point :-)

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    Quite a few boosters need red gems. I am always short on them since we get them less than the green and yellow ones. Between me using the zoo booster (red, green and purple gems) and sometimes the vibrant market (red and green gems) it is hard to keep up with adding animals to the zoo when they need red gems.

    Unlike you, I want more of the red gems!

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    Would be good if you could trade with other people for gems

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    I am in agreement with you Surjane. I am always short on the yellow gems but I have too many red and purple ones. Maybe it's because I'm still at the beginning stages of developing my zoo but breeding and buying animals requires more yellow gems than the other colors. Also boosters require a lot of yellow gems. Whenever I get a yellow gem for sending a full plane or in the mine (I NEVER get gems from the House of Luck. They are one of the "possible" choices but funny how in the 235 times I have played HoL, I have never gotten a yellow gem...hmmmmmm) it is a great moment.

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