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Thread: 13.12 Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition

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    Wider variety of regatta tasks
    Hi all, firstly my apologies if this has been posted.... my question is to do with the tasks in regatta...

    We only have a few manufacturing tasks from each factory, would it be possible to use the products that are lower to make, introduced as tasks? For example, we have the bagel task and pizza task from the bakery, could you add bread rolls and cookies also? Also, the snack factory, I've seen puffed rice but none of the earlier products the lower levels can create. I don't recall seeing any from the dairy factory either.... I would love to see more tasks being introduced, I love the game and I feel a wider variety would keep the board fresh...

    Thanks for reading ☺

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    Hello everyone!

    Our Ask the Devs session is over! The Township Team thanks everyone for the awesome questions and suggestions! We've picked some of the most interesting questions and here's what the Devs answered to them. Enjoy!

    Nana: Greetings Gang!
    I have ALWAYS wondered if individual playing styles impact the so-called "algorithms" in the game? So, basically, does our manner of playing alter, impact the results we get when completing a task?

    Alexey (Development Manager): Hey there, Nana and other players!
    The thing you are talking about doesn’t actually influence results in the game; tasks are the same for all players. There’s only one way to progress in the game faster and that is to be an active Township player.

    hyacinth: Are there any plans to introduce any more characters? I love seeing the Township residents waiting for their deliveries.

    Anton (Project Manager): Sure! Our towns keep thriving which attracts more and more citizens. Some cool characters from different backgrounds are already on their way to Township. Get ready to meet them!

    Peridot: What language do you use to code Township?

    Alexey (Programmer): We use C++ in general and Obj-C and Java from time to time.

    barnesville: In the fog of millions of apps and thousands of games why do you think Township has been so successful? We players have as many different answers as our numbers,but as developers what's your idea.

    Maria (Lead Game Designer): Wow, it’s a very insightful question! I think the key reason is that we’re all very devoted to what we do and I think you can feel it in the gameplay and see in its graphics. We don’t just develop Township, we play it ourselves. So there’re chances that one of your co-op fellows is a Township developer!
    I’m myself on level 53; I’m taking part in the Christmas event and compete in regattas! All of this helps us understand the game from the inside better and see what’s working right away.
    I love Township very much and I can feel that every developer shares a piece of their heart while working on it – just as you do when you build your unique beautiful towns! Trust me, I feel it too

    roya: Hi I have an important question why can't we change our co-op name???please tell me if there is a reason.

    Egor (Game Designer): Actually, we've done that for your convenience. Other players, as well as your friends, see your co-op name in regattas and events and get used to it. Changing a co-op name may lead to confusion, so we decided to disable this option. But you can always create a new co-op with a better name!

    J-Lee: Do you ever lose yourself within your own creativity and think 'I wish I could live there?', believing it's a real place?! I do, and I only build upon it as the game allows, just wondered if the creators ever feel the same!

    Maria (Lead Game Designer): Oh, I know what you’re talking about! Sometimes I look at houses in Township and imagine in what part of my city I’d like to settle down, what color I should paint the walls in the living-room… I spend half of my life with Township… So it’s never unreal for me.

    Talpa: What are the long term plans for the support and development of township on iMac? Can I anticipate a happy 2017 with continued play and development on my iMac throughout the year?

    Anton (Project Manager): No need to worry! Even though our Mac community is not that huge, this platform has always been very important for us. Since the game is primarily developed for mobile devices, it takes a lot of effort and time to make all the technical adjustments for Mac. That’s why there’re delays in releasing new content. But I can assure you that the we’ll keep developing the Mac version as long as its iOS counterpart!

    Vera: I'm just wondering how you all got together to create Township? I know you must have your own skills but what started you off and how did you go about it?

    Anton (Project Manager): Our team got together years back, long before the first iPhone was released. We worked on a lot of different games and always dreamed about developing THE game – the one that will become a superhit that we ourselves will enjoy playing. Once iPad and iPhone were launched we realized it was our chance to bring our dreams to reality. That’s how Township was born and even after years of intense development we’re no less excited about it. You know what else keeps us on the roll? All reviews and feedback you leave in appstores and on social networks! It’s very rewarding, thank you, guys, for that.

    haylady67: Why is there no Santa in the sleigh?

    Anton (Project Manager): This sleigh is a surveillance drone that reports on the pre-Christmas situation in Township. Santa Claus is meanwhile getting ready for the Night of the Year.

    Charmz: If you haven't already, please let your imaginations run wild for a moment and share with us your most exciting idea for Township this coming year.

    Egor (Game Designer): You know, our heads are always exploding with a bunch of ideas! I guess I can reveal a couple. Next year will bring new amazing global events and changes in regattas which the skilled yachtsmen will love for sure. Are you excited? Then stick with Township to be there for all the new content!

    The Township Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!
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