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Thread: 13.12 Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition

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    Can you please add streets with curves or round abouts? In general round decorations are missing. I am not happy with all these squares. I wrote this comment previously and never got an answer.
    Thank you


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    Дорогие разработчики. Очень хочется, чтобы ежедневных подарков было не 5, а хотя бы 10 или 15. Хочется подарить всем в своём союзе, но не получается. Возможно ли это сделать? Спасибо)))

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    Привет разрабочики и наступаюшим,ябы хотелбы скозать что когда участвуеш регати и то тянеш сабой каторы не играют регата и за них проигрываем,будетли адельно выбор то участвует а то нет чтоб закрывать те кто времино не заходет

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    Hi I love this game and I am extremely addicted to it better than any other game I have played. Is there any plans for making the co op more interactive without having to leave your own co op.

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    Porque não colocam uma opção,que não dê direito aos jogadores que ficam fora da regata de ganhar os prêmios?

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    Would it be possible to add walking paths in the town like the ones in the zoo? It would be nice to have paths for citizens to walk on that cars can't drive on in town too. Also some new road pavements like cobblestone or cement (whitish-gray) colored roads?

    Thank you for creating such a great game!
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    Hi township could we please have a way of getting or winning fertiliser for our crops

    Quote Originally Posted by Anastasia Bukina View Post
    Hey Townshippers!

    We know you loved the previous Ask the Devs session. And so did the devs! That’s why we’re launching Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition. Don’t miss this unique chance to ask the Township Team what you always wanted to know about the game!

    Meet the Team behind Township: Alexey (Development Manager), Anastasia (Art Producer), Maria (Lead Game Designer), Alexey (Programmer), Egor (Game Designer), Alexey (2D Artist), Sheepie (Lead Muse & Inspiration), Chicken (Supplies Manager)

    Please follow these simple rules when posting questions:

    - Make sure to read the forum rules before posting.
    - Post only one question per comment.
    - Avoid comments that do not really ask a question or ask rhetorical questions.
    - Check out the list of ideas that cannot be implemented in Township.
    - Stay positive

    The devs' answers to the most original and interesting questions will be posted in this thread in a week.

    - Anastasia

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    Yeraltı çarşısı istiyorum. Reklam Videolarında nakit ve sikke artırılmalı. Ürünler daha kısa sürede hasat edilmeli. Tren daha hızlı gelmeli. Trenle istediğimiz malzemeleri kendimiz sipariş edebilmeliyiz. Yanlış yaptırdığımız bir ürünü iptal ettirebilmeliyiz. Mesela tavuk yemi yerine yanlışlıkla inek yeni yaptırmışssak inek yemi yapımını durdurabilmeliyiz. Madende daha çok malzeme ve cevher bulabilmeliyiz

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    Hi Devs! Thank you so much for your brilliant minds creating this game! I have enjoyed this game more than any other games I've played in the past and the best part is having more friends in the coop. I don't think I would ever play any other game anymore! Is there a max of 135 points we get in a day? Our coop "Conquerors!!" tries to dump under 130 points and a few of us have a personal goal of doing 135 tasks only like me. But it seems like we dump almost everything entire day. We keep getting low points like 78, 88, 102, etc. Is there a way you could fix this for us? We just revamp our coop so we're back to wooden from golden league. But we've been playing for almost a year now. Thank you so much in advance!

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    Hi Devs!

    Thanks for bringing Coops to the Windows Phone version of Township! It means so much to the enjoyment of the game!

    Of course we'd also love to play with all the toys the Android and iOS players already have, like Regatta's, and the seasonal events. What can you tell us about the future for Township on Windows Phone?

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