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Thread: 13.12 Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition

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    13.12 Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition

    Hey Townshippers!

    We know you loved the previous Ask the Devs session. And so did the devs! That’s why we’re launching Ask the Devs! Christmas Edition. Don’t miss this unique chance to ask the Township Team what you always wanted to know about the game!

    Meet the Team behind Township: Alexey (Development Manager), Anastasia (Art Producer), Maria (Lead Game Designer), Alexey (Programmer), Egor (Game Designer), Alexey (2D Artist), Sheepie (Lead Muse & Inspiration), Chicken (Supplies Manager)

    Please follow these simple rules when posting questions:

    - Make sure to read the forum rules before posting.
    - Post only one question per comment.
    - Avoid comments that do not really ask a question or ask rhetorical questions.
    - Check out the list of ideas that cannot be implemented in Township.
    - Stay positive

    The devs' answers to the most original and interesting questions will be posted in this thread in a week.

    - Anastasia

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    Why this game dont have trade option?? why i can't sell/trade materials with friends or worldwide?? this will help to build township community more stronger.. ✌

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    Greetings Gang! I think my question goes to Alexey (though I am not certain, as I am not very techy). I have played Township 3 years and observed my casual playing style/results as compared to my more aggressive/competitive friends and I have ALWAYS wondered if individual playing styles impact the so-called "algorithms" in the game? So, basically, does our manner of playing alter, impact the results we get when completing a task?

    Edit: Ooops!!

    Holy moly - there are 3 Alexeys???? I guess my question above goes to the Programmer Alexey?
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    Ideas That Cannot Be Implemented At This Time (Or Ever)

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    Hi, it would be great if we could turn of using the market trader when we are not using him E.G going to bed, you don't get the full 10 days if you hire him for that long as we all have to sleep yet he still wants you to hire him when you are in dream land could say 8 hours out of 24 he is not needed .... thanks Di x

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    Hey! I play in the township for over a year on Windows phone version and I am very disappointed. We don't have uptade often and we don't have event. Can You just tell me when You wanna uptade Windows Phone version to Android and IOS versions? It's just unfair.

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    We're just a couple weeks away from Christmas.

    Will MAC users be getting the new update? Time is moving fast and we're missing out on a lot of the fun!

    Happy Holidays!

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    Hi Guys,

    Are there any plans to introduce any more characters? I love seeing the Township residents waiting for their deliveries.

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    I would like to see a new storage system for goods.

    Say for example Fast Food Restaurant, Snack Food and Bakery Factories goods can be transferred into the Café Community building as another storage system.

    For Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze bars. They could be stored into the Bank Community building.

    Same with other goods stored in various Community buildings. And the barn can be used for emergency storage if Community buildings run out of capacity storage space.

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    We're way behind on W10 mobile. It would be nice to have at least the Christmas theme, it sounds such fun.
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    Hi developers, I have been playing for a long time and was wondering if in the future there will be a trading post to sell our goods to other players.

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