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    The Aerial Challenge Event Decor

    Hey, everyone!

    Are you ready for the Aerial Challenge Event? Take a look at the adorable decorations that are already at your doorstep 🌠✨☁

    What's your advice on how to place them? Comment away, guys 👇📷🎉

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    actually, no, I am not ready, but does that change anything? *G*
    so, ok, new deco, what is it?

    the ship with the ...erm, red balloon (what IS it?)?
    and the third plane, this time white/blue?

    and the ship stands on land, and both have a barrier in front - as for a museum.

    hm, will wait whether there's a story with them.
    Actually, have no room to place them either....

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    Here you go, for anyone confused about the balloon ship.
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    Not interested in either new deco - both of which appear to take up a lot of room. Another problem with repeated events - repeated deco themes.

    It is all becoming rather tiresome, formulaic, and predictable.

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    This is my favorite event. As for the decorations "No", there isn't much space for that. I would love some new big tree's to make it more greeny.

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    I am hoping the red plane is the one we already have with the photographer and the lady in purple, lol. So now we need space for an aerospace exhibit...hint, hint..more land please

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    Thanks, Nevada

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    Thanks for the link Nevada, I now want something I didn't think I wanted, lol

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    I will be very pleased if the Take Off Ride and/or Jet Pack attraction are available for Tcash in the deco store...Last time, they were only available as part of event sale packages (costing real money).
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    Looks like it's time to plan out a "Smithsonian Air and Space (and Sea) Museum"

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