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Thread: It is Time Township Creates a NEW League Above Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smidge View Post
    ....Ridiculous it's come to doing this or remaining in silver...unless you're incredibly lucky of course haha!...
    Plenty of teams are doing this and are still getting demoted into Silver regardless. As I've said. A lot. Lol

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    I like the idea - platinum league for those coops who do perfect score (all racing members have done 16*135). As soon you finish race with perfect score you have qualified for doing the next race in platinum league. Qualification reward - 3*platinum ingots.
    You stay in platinum league as long you do perfect score - there is no 'becalmed' zone.
    Reward for the 1st place in platinum league - upgradable trophy like birthday fountain.
    For the rest of the coops - according place on platinum global board.
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