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Thread: Question for those in co-ops with all Elders/Leader/Co-Leaders

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    Question for those in co-ops with all Elders/Leader/Co-Leaders

    If your co-op consists of all Leaders/Co-Leaders/ is that working out? Specifically for co-ops in the 25-30 size range.

    It would seem to me that there would be trouble in having everyone able to reserve tasks.

    Can anyone give me their take on how it works for them?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Right now my semi-new coop has 18 people. We are a group that left an old deadend coop and another coop that merged with us, serious players...except for the few im about to kick in a day or 2 (haha) However, when you make everyone at least elder status, it is much easier for dumping tasks. Otherwise, only a select few are responsible for doing so and it wears people down. I have everyone at least as an elder status for this reason. We mostly do 135 pt tasks. We try to stick to 1 hour or less reserve times, with the exception of prep tasks, in which we communicate in the message board why it will be longer. That way, we understand they will zip through it later on, so its fine.

    We are between the USA and UK, so someone is always on. We dont have any issues. After one hour, its free for whoever to choose, and everyone understanding this, will not get upset. Keeps the board free, keeps us progressing, no one stuck waiting. I have like 5 or 6 coleaders, the rest elders. Would never limit members as it would limit the coops potential.

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    My co-op is 11 people. I have 2 co-leaders the rest are elders. We limit the tasks that can be reserved to only island, factory, and crop growing. This allows someone to set up a factory task to work while they are doing trains for example. We have found that there are usually no more than 3-4 tasks reserved at any time and this works well for us. We don't limit the reserve time at all.

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    I’m in a coop of 14 from Australia, USA, Canada, UK. We are all at least elders so we can dump. When we were getting more than 3 135s reservation on ship, production & crops over 3 hours, for 10 hours max. With the change to max 3 135s at any given time we are no longer reserving, except during inter seasonal.

    We do 130+ tasks, but most of us do 135 only. When there are 12 of us racing it is tough going because of the lack of 135s. Only 6 this week which has made it much easier. I can only imagine how frustrating it is in a bigger coop waiting for 135s.

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    I’m a solo racer, however, I did see a unique way of reserving a task vs using the standard co-op setting...

    If a member was making silk or puppets, etc., they had that task listed in parentheses behind their name.
    IE: Camptown(silk)

    Pretty neat, I would have to say!

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    Yes, that’s a good way of doing it. I’ve seen a few teams doing that. Reserving in their town names, that is.

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    I have a question. How does task dumping affect your team’s points or does it? I keep reading ppl dumping over 100 plus tasks and do these tasks affect the team negatively. I hope somebody can enlighten me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coco Harper View Post
    I have a question. How does task dumping affect your team’s points or does it? I keep reading ppl dumping over 100 plus tasks and do these tasks affect the team negatively. I hope somebody can enlighten me.
    Please, read this Discussion on the same subject.

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    You can dump as many tasks from the task board (meaning: without starting them first) as you like. Pretty much any team will do this to get rid of low-point tasks, (say, anything under 117, for example), or to get rid of looooong tasks (even 135 pointers) like silk/rubber, even planes/trains.

    Your teams total number of dumps will be added together, and a percentage will be minused from your teams total score.
    This does not affect your position on the race board. If you finished first out of your race of 15 teams, you will remain in first place regardless of if you dump 20 tasks or 2,000 tasks.

    Your total-minus-dump figure only affects your team if you are fighting for a place on the global leader board, where 30 players x 16 tasks at 135 points is not enough to get you in the top 200. Minimal time and minimal dumps are crucial for that.

    So, long story short: unless you are serious racers going for the GLB; you can dump directly from the board as much as you like.
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    Ours is working out, not to many reserve. We are in the process of fine tuning our expectations to help us compete at a higher level. Last Regatta at least 15 did not complete any tasks at all. Not acceptable, but we still finished in 6th place in the Golden League. Looking for stronger commitments .

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