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Thread: Regatta scores

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    Tried to post this a few days ago got locked out of the forum ......I will make it quick heading for work
    We are now Silver from Gold two regattas past 4 playing. We do 132 + but have two ladies that never finish until the weekend but both do only 135 tasks.

    I have been checking the other players all nations all have been Golden with several having 5+ 1st place yet they are now in Silver just like us. No one jumped way ahead and finished fast. Some started fast but still were overtaken by some aggressive players. We have been mid range and so far this week will likely not be in the top three

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    I know how the scoring works, but in the past a co-op wasn't put on a team until the first task was picked. Usually we all started with zero scores. Granted that some teams surged ahead quickly with T-Cash. Now, however, if a co-op doesn't start racing at the official start time, there's no hope of competing. My memory may be aging, but I've played for a long time, and the way teams are picked has definitely changed recently. In future, we may play a bit for the chests, but we sure won't be going for top three. Who the heck wants to start playing at 4 a.m. I'm retired, but most people work. Guess we'll just drop a league a week until we find our level since Playrix claims nothing has changed. Too bad we don't believe them.

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    Greenton, if you follow the link Dreadnought gave you, or just have a look around generally, you'll find that exactly what you're saying here has been, and is still being, discussed in several threads for quite some time.

    For what it's worth, I don't think Playrix have actually claimed nothing has changed. As I recall, they have only said the rules about tied scores haven't. But anyway, that's moot now - see those other threads to find out what various comments and ideas are doing the rounds on the subject.

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