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Thread: 12.12 Township Caption

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    "You were just supposed to put the nose on my snowman!"

    "Skates don't work on ladders!"

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    Talking Caption

    Hello Township Team!

    Our Cooperative is very happy to play the most wonderful mobile game!

    I suggest the next caption:

    * Come on guy don't move you, we must end the Christmas surprise!
    * Playing Township, I forget the time. Let's do you remember where we were going?

    Thanks a lot for the hard work behind the game.
    I have my post on:, (in spanish).

    Please sorry by some mistake, I'm English student

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    Annah: "perfect snow man you are indeed👌! What shall we do with this delicious carrot that's suppose to be your nose dad?😂 Hahahaha"

    Dad: "perfect snow man for my adorable not so little girl anymore🙂, have that one on me👍"

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    Wee, that was fun. Sorry, I destroyed your snowman.

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    "I have your replacement nose."
    "Great, but I think what I really need is new glasses."

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    Girl : Are you ready to be a unique snowman ?!
    Man: Yep, but let me first get used to the snow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anastasia Bukina View Post
    Hi everyone,

    It’s TOWNSHIP CAPTION! What do you think is happening in the picture? Post your caption ideas below! The author of the best ones will receive 200 T-cash!
    We’ll only read the answers posted in this thread. The contest closes December 14th.

    Good luck!
    - Anastasia
    Now where am I going to put the carrot????

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    dad i found the carrot
    well done my princess

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    " you know how long it took to build my snowman?"
    Dad: "Longer for me to knock it down. Sorry. I'll help fix him."

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    Aqui está a cenoura do Boneco de Neve que você derrubou!

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