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Thread: 14.08 Township Trivia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post

    I'm slightly concerned that no one else guessed the cushion, leading me to wonder if it's produced in the down factory, but, I don't have that yet, so... Eh.
    The green and white pillow is made in the Down Factory as you assumed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nana View Post
    Okey dokey - I am not playing this trivia game, but looking over the guesses, so far as of 8/17/18 - 5:34 AM pdt, no one includes the potato chips in their guesses.

    When the game originally started the chips and the factory they are made in used the โ€œTaysโ€ logo. A few years ago, that disappeared and the chips logo was replaced with a sort of swishy S logo. So, technically Tays chips are no longer made in Township and havenโ€™t been for some time.

    Oh, please note, I mention date and time of this comment, so no fair editing or changing your guess after this. And, who knows, I could be completely WRONG in my assumption that the chips are one of the five items.
    In the spirit of fairness, why couldn't previous entries be edited yet future entries could benefit from your post?

    Furthermore, I assume while the chips do not say "tays" in the game, the overall concept is that we make chips in the game.

    This contest can be tricky. I didn't want to read too much into it. Technically we don't make pants, band aids, windows, etc yet all these items are in the pictures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    It's also a really difficult one for lower levels that don't know yet what all the factories produce.
    I agree.
    And I thought very long about the question if the 2 tennis racquets count as two or as one item. But if they would count as two, the red and yellow bracelet could also be counted twice ( on the chair and the girls arm). I really don't know .. finally I decided to include the rug instead of two separate racquets, but i'm still unsure
    It's really not easy *G*
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    Jdelacr: my comment has been edited to level the playing field of guesses. You may also want to edit your block quote of my earlier comment.

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    Hi, guys! ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒž

    This Trivia turned out to be a real challenge. THE CORRECT ANSWERS are below, and there are FOUR OF YOU who found them all.

    Congrats to SumSum, ujjwal, Jdelacr and Carole Sunnyside. Good job you guys! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’œ

    Please keep an eye on your PMs to learn how do get your prizes. Thanks, everyone, for participating and best of luck in the new contests that will be out very soon ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽŠ

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