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Thread: Can't buy larger house to fill the difference between population and population cap

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    Can't buy larger house to fill the difference between population and population cap

    I'm at Level 31 in Township and my current population is 2230 with a population cap of 2380. That's a difference of 150. The largest house the game is letting me buy is a bungalow which only increases my population by 25. Does anyone know why I'm not allowed to buy a bigger house like a Victorian Townhouse (+75) since I have the 150 population room available?

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    At level 31, you'll have available the Garden Apartments (increases population by 80), and a Townhouse (increases population by 70). So a total increase of 150.

    But you can build those houses if you have increased you population cap, i.e. completed the construction of the community buildings that allow you to increase the max population. Do you have any CBs under construction at the moment?
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    If the game is letting you build a bungalow, it sounds like perhaps you opted not to build some housing when it became available to you at earlier levels? Check your housing tab in the store and look under each house for the number you have built of each and the number available to you (Ex: 3/4). As Dread said, your Community Buildings need to be done to have access to any new housing available. If you are up to date on the community buildings, then your missing population may come from smaller houses you skipped building earlier (we can't just build any house we want that fits within the population, there is a set number of each house the game allows us to build). So check the housing tab to see if you see any houses that show less than max (Ex: 4/4 is max. 3/4 means you can still build one). If you've already built 3 Townhouses and 1 Garden Apartment, you won't be able to build anymore until you level up further.

    You can refer to the Township wikia for more info about which houses become available at what levels.
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