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    Looking for design inspiration: how did you decorate around your Skydiving School?

    Hi folks!

    I am considering building the Skydiving School. I would appreciate some inspiration for which decorations would look best next to it or how to highlight it and make it blend in.

    I would love to see your screenshots and suggestions for decor that complements this building! Thanks in advance.

    Maybe this should be under Design Discussions but I couldn't seem to post a thread there in case the mods want to move it.

    ETA: I am unable to comment on my own thread for some reason. So I just wanted to say your designs have really inspired me, and to please keep posting them! I have taken the plunge and at least started to build my Skydiving School. I have a jammed up mess of residential buildings right now but I wanted to start the school before my first Aerial Challenge begins in two days. Thanks and please keep posting your wonderful towns!

    ETA: I still cannot post in my thread, but wanted to say this decoration has now become one of my favorites! At one time I didn't care for it; it has really grown on me. Thanks again, everyone, and please keep posting your design ideas for decorating around and placing your Skydiving School.
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    I put mine on my board walk with everything else "amusement Park".


    (I've actually just asked Admin this morning about opening up the design sub to everyone to post, so hope to hear about that soon).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post

    (I've actually just asked Admin this morning about opening up the design sub to everyone to post, so hope to hear about that soon).
    Good news !

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    I put mine near my

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catsalive View Post
    I put mine near my airport
    looking nice there .

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    Thanks. This is a really neat cb. I love the skydive practice cage & the diver checking his parachute

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    I also have mine near the airport grouped with an assortment of other aerial/flight related items that were awarded as prizes or purchased during the various Aerial Challenges (like the one starting in 4 days, so we'll probably see many old deco back). In my mind, it's kind of like a little "aviation attractions" museum/theme park. I fully acknowledge it's a bit too "crammed together," but I only had so much space with which to work (it would take a major redesign of my town to make more space by the airport...maybe we will get a new expansion someday along that side of the town?...hint hint, devs). I've also grouped the Weather Station there since most airports have weather stations in order to get reliable readings for aviation safety, etc.

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    I've also put everything flying-related close to the airport

    Screenshot_20180813-sky diving school-min.jpg

    ETA, @Nevada: even as Mod you can't move the thread there? that would require more presence of those who can, IMO
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    I haven't purchased sky diving building yet .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ujjwal View Post
    I haven't purchased sky diving building yet .
    LOL, Jaat, is that so - does it mean, you are thinking about it now/RSN, after all our great pictures, or do you suggest to the OP to give up on the plan?

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