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Thread: Sugar Factory

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    Sugar Factory

    Can we get a second sugar factory. Having only one factory holds up the process a lot.

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    Oh I so agree with that. Also a second dairy factory. One can’t keep up with cream and cheese

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    U both can upgrade your sugar and dairy factory to reduce production time , increase amount of xp given and to increase no of boxes and shelves . With many boxes and shelves u can produce many products one by one .

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    The search with "sugar" in thread title results in 19 threads with almost everyone of them containing this wish in one form or another. (at least 90% really could be merged together.) I believe this shows very clearly that the current situation isn't an oversight by the Devs, but intentionally so. Just a guess, but it probably brings a lot of tcash by speeding up production or the upgrades, or the like.
    Similar with dairy.
    It would be easiest, if they simply added them to the Won't-happen-list.

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    Add extra dairy/sugar factories

    I believe all players would benefit greatly if allowed 2 dairy & 2 sugar factories each.
    A large percentage of items produced in other factories require dairy/sugar items to complete. Very frustrating! Even with factories improved to maximum levels, only one item can be produced at a time.This creates an unpleasant "bottleneck" effect!

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