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Thread: Christmas at Zoo

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    Christmas at Zoo

    Why climate change has not been made in the zoo!? Zoo is not celebrating Christmas?!

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    Welcome to the Forum idea4sense!

    Like I noticed that trees that appear one way on Town side do not appear that way in zoo.

    Maybe the zoo is in California or Hawaii, I don't know.

    Perhaps we can make it Christmas there by using all white land.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi idea4sense, hi Cobalt
    maybe an Aussie zoo ? as we're in summer now lol although the animals would love some snow right now with our heat. Lol

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    From day one of the Zoo being introduced there is never winter conditions for Christmas like in Township. Perhaps the developers feel it would be too large a project to winterize the enclosures? I am rather enjoying the escape from cold, snowy Township by going to the sunny warm Zoo periodically.

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