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Thread: "Out Of Moves"/ "Don't Give Up" windows

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    "Out Of Moves"/ "Don't Give Up" windows

    I've brought up this issue before on several occasions. Why won't Fishdom do something about the "Out Of Moves"/ "Don't Give Up" windows that appear at the end of every game that isn't won? They cover almost the entire game making it impossible to decide whether to spend our diamonds in exchange for another 5 turns. This is a really bad feature of Fishdom. How hard would it be to make them smaller or allow us to drag them out of the way? I think most players end their games rather than waste diamonds on plays they can't see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lcd View Post
    I think most players end their games rather than waste diamonds on plays they can't see.
    it would be interesting to see the real results for this. Just a heavy guess as well, but I believe it could be a real surprise for your assumption, and it could well be the reason for no changes there by the Devs.

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    I agree with Lcd on this. I would enjoy it more if I could study the screen and make an intelligent decision.

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    Hi there! Thanks for sharing this with us, guys We completely understand your frustration and we'll think of a way to make it better. Many thanks for your feedback

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    Hi Valeriia,
    Perhaps you would also kindly consider a ‘free spin’ wheel option for us poor folks

    Where after you finish your moves, you have the free spin option to win moves, a life or ‘diamonds’.
    This option would earn the developers a huge amount of kudos, gratitude and love from us players.

    Aquatasks is a great improvement on the game, but a free spin would make it greater, resetting at least 5 times every 24 hour time period.

    By the way, ‘diamonds’ are not purple color, generally white / yellow / blue.
    Purple are more synonymous with emeralds.
    Just saying......

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    Perhaps another change they could make is that after you are out of turns, you could still use your hammer or swap tool, since they don’t count as a turn anyway. That would be a nice improvement. While it wouldn’t always work, there are times everything cleared but one thing and I hate to spend 9 (stingily awarded) diamonds to take one turn.

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    Just bored by bombs, been on 870 for ages, this game is not up to me as a player, it's up to who ever writes the algorithm for Playrix. Too one sided

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