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Thread: Was Russia 1st Place this week in your Regatta grouping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    I think the start time issue is self-evident anyway, if "first past the post" is confirmed corrrect. It biases too heavily against those teams whose time-zone dictates they start in the middle of the night. The thing is, I'd expect to see Russia and China represented disproportionately on leaderboards of all kinds because the vast majority of Township players are Russian or Chinese. If we had 'loserboards' you'd probably see them there too, but we don't, so you can't. Anyway, I'm not convinced a poll result showing a snapshot of their dominance could prove anything but that fact regardless.

    On a personal level, this kind of topic always feels a little bit icky to me, given how often we see similar comments coming from a less well-intentioned place.
    How about we all just don't, huh? Doesn't feel like there's anything of use to be added, at this point.

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    Fight nice kids, just to answer the question, Turkey took 1st and the Russians took 2nd and 3rd but the strange thing was only 5 teams were really racing have never seen that before. ⛵

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    This thread is getting completely off topic (a questionable topic to begin with), so it will be closed. Please think twice (or thrice) in the future before opening discussions based on senseless accusations!
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