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Thread: Make It Easier To Get Diamonds & Have Better Sale Offers

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    I really like to see the interaction with the fish, but I would love to talk with him. Like a bot, or something.

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    Diamond Sales?

    Are there anymore diamond sales coming up anytime soon?

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    I completely agree. It is too difficult to get diamonds, and they are much too expensive. Please work on this. I'd rather pay a one time fee up front as I do appreciate the work involved to create the game. Thanks for your consideration on this.

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    Chest of diamonds

    We should have a sale offers on 1500 diamonds. Diamonds are expensive and don't last long; give us a chance once a while to get it for half price.

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    Reasonable sales...

    It would be really awesome if we could get a sale on gems that the average person could afford like under 10-15 dollars. The last one was for 69 who can afford that?? Not the average user playing this game.... It would be really awesome to get a reasonable sale.

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    Bombs,power ups etc

    I like this game very much. I do support occasionally. However, it would be probably fairer to players to charge less amount of gems if you wish to purchase extra bombs etc. for instance, one more go to complete a level you have been stuck on cost too many gems to proceed. For the sake of hanging on to them, I would now
    rather continue trying to complete. Trouble is it's obvious reading the forums that people just give up in the end because it becomes boring. Isn't it better to keep your fan base? All in all it's a great game.

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    More free gems

    We need more free gem opportunities not just via downloads like a limited time contest earn 3 fish in one day or more then you earn gems.

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    I agree it don't give u many ways to get diamonds I'm not buying them NEED MORE DIAMOMDS

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