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Thread: Is it me or...?

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    Is it me or...?

    I am on level 1482 and for some reason the game is losing me. Even though we get the coins for the safe and the magic hats etc it seems like the wins are so hard that it is too long between earning boosters. The lack of boosters in the bonsai levels and it takes forever to win. I used to grow the flower and get the rewards about 50% of time but Almost never complete the bonsai and get the goods. I play the games and do not win until I reach a point where I use coins etc to be done with that game forever! I still like the dog training but find he 2nd levels virtually impossible to get far. Also takes so many stars. ....maybe I just need a break? Thoughts?

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    Indeed, im at end game, as You may know, but yes seems like bonsai is harder to grow than other flowers used to be. Otherwise i like it and i can assure You - it is doable But yes, takes more time and require more attemps.

    If comes bout dog training - there are some amount of chains. One of them are easier than others. Sometimes i need to figure out how to do this but it is still not easy to make it. I think it may be caused also for cash to decorate our garden from catalog one

    But still love the difficulty

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    I’m at level 1698 and I am DONE!!!!! All levels are super hard now. Not getting any boosters. 8 things going on at once. The firework thing, the magic thing, the bonsai thing, the safe thing. No way to hit 20 levels to achieve the bonsai challenge. Dog training too hard to get past first level. And now there are bombs!!! I quit candy crush because of bombs and chocolate!!! I’m over this game!!! Too bad bacause it was really fun!!!

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    Catcat, I totally agree with everything you stated. The game was challenging, but fun. Now it's become almost impossible to win anything without using up the few bonuses you have.

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