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Thread: Regatta Simplified Tasks

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    I am not impressed with simplified tasks, only had two, one for peppers and one for cheeseburgers . I am impressed with an increase in higher tasks in general, actually had four 135's on the board , and we had some hol versus last regatta we had none . I am pleased to think the developers may have heard the complaints
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    Another one is 11 tacos.

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    I had made 8 candles as simplified task.
    There are another ones:
    10 grape fizz
    127 tomatoes
    11 air fresheners
    6 warm boots

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    I still have not gotten any simplified tasks, while having deleted 407 tasks so far....

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    On steal league: 116 roses, 17 tokens

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    How do you get 16 tasks on your task board instead of the usual 12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeQueen View Post
    How do you get 16 tasks on your task board instead of the usual 12?
    You're not seeing a board of 16 tasks with 4 more hidden below, CoffeeQueen - it's just that on a tablet the 12 tasks are arranged in 3 rows of 4, not 4 rows of 3. So what's in the picture is all there is. Nothing to scroll down to.

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    Simplified tasks turned out to be low point tasks. So if you want to fall out of league, you can do "simplified" tasks. We need doable 135 tasks, with a choice of different tasks. You can grow something, send ships and manufacture while doing another task then take tasks when they are done or nearly done. That is strategy which you cannot do with all the low tasks coming up.

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    There are no "simplified tasks" this season, when they are available as a simplified task in a season they are worth 135 points but you have to do less work, for example only send 3 planes but still earn 135 points.

    This season if you get a task for 3 planes it is a normal low point task not a simplified task.

    This season's tasks are relay, coins and smelting ingots.

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    I just did 6 wallpaper as simplified for 135pts, so what's the big reward??

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