Me being me, will accept anyone as a friend, join a co-op invite etc etc. Last Coop I was in, and booted out for some reason or another, seems to have me thinking for disloyal players.
There was one member by the name of CeX, whatever she was implying!
Just as I were booted out of their coop team, I noticed my charger packed up and wouldnt, well basically, charge efficiently as it had been. Coincidentally, the make of my charger is, Cecs. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
Baring in mind, how the coop teams leaders were discussing profile ID numbers prior to being kicked out. Not that I gave them such details, but did wonder how they obtained someones player ID in fine detail.
And now I have this unsolicited app. forcing installation on my device (another thread flagged on the matter).
Am I just putting two and two together and getting, "township players are causing a bloody nuisance"?