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    It seems like just as soon as I put real money on the game the levels get harder. I just spent almost 70 coins just to get tires to come down so I could win the level. It's especially frustrating when you're trying not to go backwards! Sometimes I think the game is rigged?

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    I’m not sure if that is the case. I have the game on 2 devices (not connected), and I kept track of the different games and how to win if they were difficult. (One device is about 300 levels further.) So far, they seem the same. Haven’t found any differences, although I did see a post where Valeriia said they do change them occasionally.

    One thing I figured out, however, is that when I would buy diamonds, I would no longer get ads. I felt like it was their way of saying, “Hey! This person buys diamonds - let’s make it harder to get diamonds and they’ll spend more.” Well, now it’s not just the ads I don’t get for diamonds (the last few I got gave me coins), but they’ve taken away the diamonds in the daily clam and as a reward for the different tournaments. It’s really getting ridiculous! (Plus, if you saw my other post, it no longer shows that you’ll get 5 diamonds where they post the beauty points needed for the next star. Utterly frustrating!

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    It's getting really tedious and no fun any longer.
    1st my progress gets 'lost' and appears to have gone backwards. Then after several emails it was reinstated , now I am on the most stupidly difficult level, where bombs are in the corner and there's little hope of getting to them before time runs out and they explode! It happens every time that there is a "special event"
    My progress is so slow I feel like abandoning Fishdom and looking for a new game.
    I like a challenge,but not when the odds are stacked against me.

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    There are not tutorials for every level. While it may be simple for you, some levels are user UNfriendly and NOT EASY to understand the solution. Such as Level 85. I have been stuck on this stupid thing for days with no resolution in sight. How many hundreds of times must one fail this level before something trips a sensor in this game?

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    I am stuck on a level for way too long now. I wish there was a way to skip it or just concede defeat. I may have to just stop playing.

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    When I'm stuck on a level for too long, I use all 3 boosters and keep restarting the level until they are in a good position (e.g. the lightnings are placed next to each other or above each other). That usually does the job, in rare cases I have to buy 5 more moves.

    The general advice is - save the boosters for really difficult levels and use them in conjunction.

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    Rusty Phillips:

    Otherwise, how will it ever generate any revenue?

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