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Thread: WTFIT??? The acronym thread.

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    Too long, didn't read
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    Hee hee, emojis
    Argh, nooooooooo, not again! Lol

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    GLB : Global Leader Board

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    BIAB - back in a bit
    BBL - be back later

    DL - download
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    XP : Experience Points

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    RSN - real(ly) soon now (used as answer by officials, parents and developers to WHEN something will FINALLY happen)

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    F.S.I list : Frequently Suggested Ideas list

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    Quote Originally Posted by ujjwal View Post
    F.S.I list : Frequently Suggested Ideas list
    lol, I was just too lazy to type it, and I had used the whole expression in my other, first post there, so thought it clear as reference, in that thread.

    I've gone back and changed my post.
    Because, with esp.that thread being so unknown, I think it would be better not to use an abbreviated form.

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