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Thread: WTFIT??? The acronym thread.

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    atm - at the moment
    jic - just in case
    tx/ty - thanks/thankyou
    yw - you’re welcome
    figjam - fxxx I’m good, just ask me (I haven’t seen anyone use it here, but it’s one of my favourites )
    hp - hot products
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    RL - Real Life

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    SMH - shaking my head

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    MIA = Missing In Action

    MAIG= My Arse Is Grass

    (Stand corrected, Bessville! Thanks!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissWilliamston View Post
    MIA = Missing In Action

    MAIS = My Arse Is Grass
    MAIG, surely? I need to know, so I can use it. A lot. Lol!

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    Johnalex Zarco
    tq = Thank-you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    MAIG, surely? I need to know, so I can use it. A lot. Lol!
    Fixed! Ooops!

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    Think I got 'em all up to here, so any new ones please new-post not post-edit so I see 'em.
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    YC- Yatch Club

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    HTP - Hope this helps
    FTW - For the win
    IOW - In other words
    OMG - Oh my god
    YMMH - You might mean here
    EOM - End of message
    FTFY - Fixed that for you

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