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Thread: WTFIT??? The acronym thread.

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    WTFIT??? The acronym thread.

    I thought it might be nice for people to have a place to come to to look up various acronyms they find around the forum. Yes, Google is there to help, but there are also TS-specific acronyms that could be harder to find.

    So, whenever you come across/think of/use an acronym, pop over here and post it, whether you know what it means or not, and we can add it to the list, which I'll update in alphabetical order as more come in.

    *g*/<g> - Grinning.
    *G*/<G> or *bg*/<bg> - Big grin.
    *vbg*/<vbg> - Very big grin.
    <g,d&r> - grinning, ducking and running

    AFAIC - As far as I'm concerned.
    AFAIK - As far as I know.
    AFK - Away from keyboard.
    AKA - Also known as.
    Amirite - Am I right?
    ASAHP - As soon as humanly possible.
    ASAP - As soon as possible.
    ATM - At the moment.

    BRB - Be right back.
    BTDT - Been there; done that.
    BTW - By the way.
    BIAB - Back in a bit
    BBL - Be back later

    CB - Community building(s).
    CS - Customer support/services.

    Devs - Developers (township game makers).
    DL - Download

    ETA - Edit(ed) to add.
    EOM - End of message

    FB - Facebook.
    FIGJAM - F...rick I'm good, just ask me.
    FWIW - For what it's worth.
    FYI - For your information.
    FTW - For the win
    FTFY - Fixed that for you

    GL - Graylady (forum user).
    GLB - Global Leader Board

    HoL - House of Luck.
    HP - Hot products.
    HW - Hardware.
    HTH - Hope this helps

    IIRC - If I recall correctly.
    IKR - I know, right?
    IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion.
    IMO - In my opinion.
    IRL - In real life.
    IOW - In Other Words

    JIC - Just in case.

    LMGTFY - Let me Google that for you.
    LOL - Laugh(ing) out loud.
    LMAO - Laughing my a** off

    MAIG - My ass is grass.
    MIA - Missing in action.

    OOH - On one hand.
    OP - Original post/er.
    OS - Operating system (device).
    OTOH - On the other hand.
    OMG - Oh my god

    Pls - Please.
    PM - Private message.

    RL - Real life.
    ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing.
    RSN - Real(ly) soon now

    SM(D)H - Shaking my (darn) head.
    SW - Software.
    SMOG - Senior Moments On Going

    TBH - To be honest.
    TC/T Cash - Township cash (AKA - Tickets, green money, township dollars).
    Tnx - Thanks.
    TQ - Thank you.
    TS - Township.
    TY - Thank you.
    TL;DR - Too long, didn't read
    TIA - Thanks in advance

    WTFIT - What the f...luff is this.

    XP - Experience Points

    YC - Yacht club.
    YW/YVW -You're (very) welcome.
    YMMH - You might mean here
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