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Thread: Add a tasks board

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    Add a tasks board


    Can you create a "tasks board" where members can leaves messages for the regatta's tasks please? Members could indicate what tasks they would like to prepare in advance. For example, i could say that i want to prepare in advance strawberry jams and so, the other members would leave me the task available. This prevents two members from preparing the same task. This tasks board would save messages until the end of the regatta and would be reset for the next regatta.

    We prepare tasks in advance in my coop but i have jet lag with others members and i miss a lot of messages. Currently we can't leave messages of the tasks because there is no chat's archive. This tasks board will be really helpful for me.
    Sorry for my bad english and thank you for your attention.


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    Your English is excellent, lamelodie97, no apology necessary!

    Maybe, within the current system, your coop could arrange to each prep the same certain factory items every week? At least that way, you all only need to have the conversation once! Co-leaders could perhaps take responsibility for finding out who is doing what and posting a team message into the inbox when they've gathered the replies? Just an idea..

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    It's a very good idea! Thank you!

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    What 's the Reserve option please _DD_?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamelodie97 View Post
    What 's the Reserve option please _DD_?
    The reserve feature was introduced recently, few updates ago (for iOS/Android/Kindle). During the seasonal races, when you want to pick a task, next to the Start button you can find a yellow reserve button. When you click it, that task will be marked as reserved by you (an exclamation mark will be visible on the task board in the corner of the task). The reservation will be active for 12h, after which it expires, and the task will be un-reserved.
    However, this will not stop anyone from taking the task if they choose to. If they want to start it, they will receive a message, that the task was reserved by you. Will look like this:

    The leader/co-leaders of the co-op can adjust the settings and decide which members can reserve. They can set it that only elders and above can reserve, or only co-leaders, or all members. It's up to each co-op to decide for themselves.

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    thank you for the picture

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    If the Reserve option exists then my problem will be solved soon with future updates. Thank you all for your help

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    Doesn't the Reserve option cover that, or at least a lot?

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    lamelodie, we now have the option to reserve up to a task for up to 12 hours. Out 'reserve' in the forum search bar and you'll get dozens of related threads. I know iOS/Android/kindle updates have included it some time ago, and Mac players have it too.. not certain about windows, and I obviously don't know what platform you're on.

    If you're not seeing the option, it's very possible your coop leader disabled it in their coop settings.

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    I'm the coop leader and i have windows 10. i don't have this Reserve option in coop settings

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